Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship for the 'Foundation in Web Development' Series

Below is the sample letter you requested. We encourage you to customize this to match your needs and situation.

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Your Letter:

Dear <Manager Name>,

As part of my technical development with this company, I would like to request assistance in continuing to build my IT skills. I have identified some high-quality technical training that will directly support and enhance my ability to do my current job responsibilities. It will also help future proof my skills and position me for additional responsibilities when the need arises.

The course I have identified is:

Foundation in Web Development

$497 US

This extensive online course addresses all the basic aspects of web development. It comprehensively covers both basic and advanced HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Though I have already started studying web development on my own, this course will fill in any gaps from being self-taught.

Benefits that this training can bring to the organization:

  • Faster problem resolutions due to better understanding of the application
  • Improved communication with both clients and IT teams
  • Build efficient and supportable solutions for our team's business needs

If you require any additional information to support this decision, please let me know.

I appreciate your consideration.


<Your Name>
<Your Title>
<Your Contact Info>