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Fluent Validation in C#

Data validation is extemely important. The problem is that it can create a lot of excess code. Plus you end up in the position of having similar validation code throughout your application, violating the DRY principle. In this video, I am going to introduce you to Fluent Validation, a free tool...


How to Be a Great C# Developer

This post is part of the C# Advent. You can find twice-daily advent posts here. Do you know .NET Core? How about Blazor? Azure? Async? SOLID? GoF? MVC? WPF? MVVM? TDD? PRX? OK, I made that last one up but give it a minute and it will probably be a thing that you have to know. Does that ever feel...


Intro to Windows Services in C#

Services in Windows are really powerful tools for automation, but they are often overlooked. These small applications run constantly in the background and can be used for a number of tasks from the simple to the complex. In this video, we are going to look at how to create a service, how to run...


Working with the File System in C#

C# can be a really powerful tool for working with the file system. It can automate file tasks including backup creation, organizing files, monitoring file info, and more. In this video, we are going to get started working with files and directories.  Resources: Video Source...


Advanced Dapper in C#

If you have watched any of my videos that include data access, you are probably familiar with Dapper. Dapper is a micro-ORM built by the team behind Stack Overflow for the purpose of getting data in and out of databases. It is quick, easy to use, and easy to debug. In this video, I am going to...


Transitioning to Teachable

Hey all, this is a quick post to let you know about the transition of IAmTimCorey.com to Teachable. The site used to be hosted on Wordpress with about 100 plugins. My hosting provider (SiteGround) was amazing when it came to support. That was the one shining light in the process. If I messed...